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How To Throw A Great Theme Party

August 5, 2009

I’ve seen it many times; your friend tells you that they’re throwing a theme party. Maybe it’s a hawaiian luau, or maybe it’s an 80s theme. You get so excited at the idea of a theme party; you perfect your outfit, get the best accessories to look the part, and then you show up to the party to see only a handful of people dressed for appropriately. I’ve been through this myself, and let me tell you, if you have not experienced it, consider yourself lucky. Because even though you took your friend’s theme party to heart to make them happy, you still get the looks from those normally dressed people. The looks that say, “Wow, I can’t believe they actually dressed like that!” Well, for those of you that still love the idea of theme parties (like I do!) And want to avoid having your guests be embarassed, here are a few tips on throwing a great theme party (and making sure at least the majority of those will come dressed for the part!):


When choosing invitations, make sure that they match the theme.  This will give your guests an idea of where the party is going.  If you would like your guests to come in costume, write it on the invite! Indicate on the invitation that costumes are mandatory.  If you’re worried about sounding rude, come up with a tagline that relates to the party (ex: Boogie down in your best Disco Duds!)  Including the idea of a costume contest may also encourage your guests to go all out for your party.


Having the right decorations will help your party’s theme seem more authentic.  Do some research and find out what’s popular for your particular theme and decorate the venue (whether it’s a catering hall or your living room) accordingly.  Some good examples are:

Hawaiian Luau – tiki torches, fake palm trees, leis

50’s – juke box, 50’s movie posters, anything Elvis (skinny Elvis! He didn’t get fat until the 70’s)

60’s – Beatles posters, Peace & Love signs, anything Woodstock & Hippies

80’s – 80’s records on the walls, rubix cubes, neon signs, movie posters (Sixteen Candles, anyone?)


Have the appropriate Music: this is an absolute must, especially if you’re throwing a decade party. If you have an 80s party, play 80s music. If you have a 70s party, you gotta get down and boogie to disco!


Have extra clothes and accessories for guests that aren’t dressed for the party.  For example, if you throw an 80s party, have plenty of cheap 80s sunglasses handy to give out to people.


Having games and activities that involve the theme is a great way to keep your guests entertained and having fun.  Some good examples are trivia games, limbo for a Hawaiian Luau, karaoke for an 80s party, or a disco dancing contest for a 70s bash.


Almost everyone has a Facebook now, so create an event page for your party, even if you sent out invitations.  This makes it easier for you to get in contact with your guests and remind them to dress accordingly and any other information you may need to give them.

The most important thing to remember that will make your party great:


– Michelle Valerie

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